Soursop Seedlings: From Fiji and Brazil to Your Garden

Embarking on a Tropical Fruit Adventure with Soursop

Our journey at Tropical NZ began with a vision: to bring the exotic and very popular Soursop (annona muricata) into our local gardens. Recognizing the untapped potential of this tropical delight, we set out to introduce its unique flavor and potential health benefits to our community.

Importing Soursop Seeds from Fiji and Brazil

The first step in our adventure was to import soursop seeds from two distinct tropical regions: Fiji and Brazil. This endeavor was not without its challenges for us. Gi went off to Brazil for 6 weeks, while I (Anthony) took my son with me to Fiji.

Fijian Soursop
Fijian Soursop fruit

Navigating the Complexities: Overcoming Regulatory and Transit Hurdles

We meticulously planned every detail and adhered strictly to MPI’s protocols. Our dedication paid off when we finally had our first batches of Fijian (from fruit) and Brazilian (commercial supplier) soursop seeds inspected at Customs, and passed with approval – a milestone that marked the beginning of a new chapter for Tropical NZ. One hiccup was the chief MPI officer for Auckland airport incorrectly telling us our seeds needed to be hermetically sealed in commercial packaging. This is simply not true, and proved to be the case.

Germination Magic: Crafting the Perfect Environment for Soursop Seeds

Upon arrival, we sprang into action to create the ideal germination conditions. Soursop seeds thrive in warmth, moisture, and well-aerated environments. Through a combination of careful experimentation and thorough research, we developed an effective germination process that led to impressive germination rates from both batches of seed.

Satisfied that the would germinate, we offered soursop seeds for sale on TradeMe where you can find our current listings.

From Germination to Growth: Propagating Robust Soursop Seedlings

With consistent success in germination, we turned our focus to propagating robust soursop seedlings. We selected the healthiest and most vigorous germinated seeds for this purpose. Our goal was to provide our customers with ready-to-plant seedlings, simplifying their journey in growing their own soursop trees.

This is where we’re up to now. We have the seedlings, and will over Christmas look at how to pack them securely for shipping.

We start our seeds off in jiffy peat pellets (front of picture) before potting up. This minimises root disturbance, and has worked very well.

The journey from importing seeds to cultivating soursop seedlings has been incredibly rewarding for us, and we’re looking forward to experimenting and getting the most from our young plants.

Looking Forward: Our Vision for Soursop’s Future in the Market

As we look ahead, Tropical NZ is committed to continuing our mission. We aim to maintain exceptional germination rates in our soursop seeds, and provide healthy seedlings and young plants to customers in NZ. We are thrilled to be part of the growing interest in this remarkable tropical fruit.






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