Unveiling the Sour Passionfruit (Maracujá Azedo) – A Rare Delight in New Zealand!

Are you ready to dive into the world of a rare, tart treat? We’ve just brought in something truly special from Brazil – the Sour Passionfruit, known there as “Maracujá Azedo”, and it’s about to shake up your fruit palette!

A Brazilian Gem in Kiwi Land

Sour Passionfruit is a unique variety that’s not commonly found in New Zealand. Unlike the sweet, purple-skinned passion fruits you might be used to, this Brazilian beauty is a real game-changer.

sour passionfruit with seed

What Makes Maracujá Azedo Stand Out?

It’s called sour for a reason! This fruit offers a tangier, zestier taste compared to its sweeter cousins. It’s perfect for those who love a little pucker in their fruit!

Get Your Seeds Now

Here’s the exciting part – we’re bringing this Brazilian marvel to your gardens! We’ve got fresh seeds available, hand-harvested from our recent trip to the Pará region of Brazil. Head over to our Trade Me listing to secure your Sour Passionfruit seeds. But hurry – they’re as rare as they are delicious!

We don’t have many to sell – this is a strictly limited release. Happily though, they are easy to germinate. In our tests, the seeds have a near 100% germination rate simply by placing in a warm location in moist vermiculite.

Happy planting and happier tasting! 🌱🌞🍈





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