Soursop seeds (Annona Muricata)

Update: We have sold the batch of Fijian soursop seeds. However, we now have a larger supply from a commercial source in Brazil that we imported in late October 2023. Please see our Trade Me listings, 20 SOURSOP SEEDS (Annona Muricata) – Fresh from Brazil!

During my trip to Fiji in early October 2023, I found some soursop fruits. I have brought back enough seeds for our experiments and have a maximum of 30 available for sale. This is a strictly limited release that will sell out quickly.

The soursops had a remarkable flavour, quite similar to cherimoya but with a delightful sour undertone that balanced the sweetness. In Brazil, where it’s known as graviola, it’s commonly turned into a drink with water and sugarcane with water and sugarcane. However, I (and my son) found it so enjoyable to consume raw (or mashed and frozen) that I haven’t tried that yet.

Please email us for availability and pricing.

Fijian Soursop
Soursop fruit bought in Wailoaloa Beach, Fiji






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